The Diary of a Wolf-Girl 


Tshaki was a ordinary 12 year old, at first look, but as soon as you see her black wolf ears and tail you see instantly she stands out. Her family were all part animal, considered as freaks, so they were forced to move into the wild. But one question remains, will they survive?


Hi, my name is Tshaki.If you read the blurb you basically know most of my whole life, but just to expand on it, you already know my name (Tshaki) I have two sisters, Aumi and Miue. I am the oldest out of them, I'm 12 and they are 11, so when mum and dad go out for food I'm in charge. Oh, did I mention that my whole family is half animal? When I said my parents go out for food I didn't mean they go to the shops, they hunt. You see, to explain in the quickest way I can, so basically we all have whatever animal we are ears and tail so, my mum has cat ears and tail, my dad has dog ears and tail (Rottweiler to be precise), my sister has cat ears and tail ( like mum), my other sister has dog ears and tail (like dad) and then there's me. I have wolf ears and tail, which makes me kind of the odd one out, but it's not like anybody cares, we are family and we stick together no matter what.