Hi, I'm User:Dawnwing484 but you can call me Dawny! This wiki lets you set your imagination free and write your own anime stories! You can also write collabs which are when how many users you want take it in turns to write chapters each for their story.


Manga Fanfiction (for short) will continue to update since I am a fairly new user. It might update slowly or if more people join quickly.


This is the rule for admins the first 4 users to join will automatically become admins, if they want to. For other users you will have to reach 500 edits though, it might get higher though so get typing!

Have fun typing!

Current admins are:

User:Dawnwing484 ~ Founder

User:Sparrowpool888 ~ Rollback

User:AngelWing888 ~ Chat Moderator

Writing fanfics!

We will enjoy reading your fanfics. Remember use your OWN made up characters!


The Diary of a Wolf-Girl by Dawny

When The Other World Calls by Skye